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 yearPrimary AuthorProgramJournalIntLnkDOIPubMedPubType
Promotion of cost effectiveness in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the HSC1987Roberts DECritical CareProposal
Effect of a Value Improvement Program on ICU Resource Utilization1989Roberts DECritical CareFull PDFMeeting
Control of Blood Gas Measurements in Intensive Care Units1991Roberts DECritical CareLancet Full pdf
Effects of a Resource Mangement System on ICU Laboratory Utilization1991Roberts DECritical CareFull PDFPoster
Value of postprocedural chest radiographs in the adult intensive care unit1992Gray PCritical CareCritical Care MedicineFull PDF
Eliminating Needless Testing in Intensive Care - An Information Based Team Management Approach1993Roberts DECritical CareFull PDF
No headlines, just headway1993Civetta JMCritical CareCritical Care MedicineFull PDFCitation
Characteristics Of ICU Patients Who Died Or Were Readmitted Within Seven Days Of Transfer1995Gray PCritical CareFull PDFPoster
Comparison of ICU Antibiotic Use and Costs in Pnuemonia Admission in Two Urban Centers1995Bell DCritical CareFull PDFPoster
Comparison of ICU Investigation Patterns & Costs in Two Urban Centers1995Bell DCritical CareFull PDFPoster
Laboratory Testing in the Intensive Care: Does the Admitting Hospital Affect Costs?1995Bell DCritical CareFull PDFPoster
Relationship Between Apache II SAcore & Combined Laboratory & Pharmacy Costs in ICU Survivors and Nonsurvivors1995Bell DCritical CareFull PDFPoster
Intensive Care Unit admission following successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation: resource utilization, functional status and long term survival1996Dhar ACritical CareResuscitationFull PDF
A citywide analysis of the utilization of common laboratory tests and imaging procedures in ICUs1997Bell DCritical CareChestFull PDF
An institutional review of fulminant hepatic failure in an urban Canadian centre1998Kaita KDCritical Care
Postoperative laboratory and imaging investigations in intensive care units following coronary artery bypass grafting: A comparison of two Canadian hospitals1998Bell DCritical CareCanadian Journal of CardiologyFull PDF
Ethical and practical considerations of withdrawal of treatment in the Intensive Care Unit1999Eschun GCritical CareCanadian Journal of Anesthesia
Clinically significant gastrointestinal bleeding in critically ill patients in an era of stress prophylaxis2000Pimentel MCritical Care
Duration of hypotension before initiation of effective antimicrobial therapy is the critical determinant of survival in human septic shock2006Kumar ACritical CareCritical Care Medicine
Acute kidney injury in septic shock: clinical outcomes and impact of duration of hypotension prior to initiation of antimicrobial therapy2008Bagshaw SMCritical CareIntensive Care MedicineFull PDF 19066848Publication
Early intravenous unfractionated heparin and mortality in septic shock2008Zarychanski RCritical CareCritical Care MedicineFull PDF
High occupancy increases the risk of early death or readmission after transfer from intensive care2009Chrusch CCritical CareCritical Care MedicineFull PDF
Hospitalization in Winnipeg, Canada due to Occupational Disease: A Pilot Study2009Kraut, AMedicineAmerican Journal of Industrial MedicineFull PDF
Initiation of Inappropriate Antimicrobial Therapy Results in a Fivefold Reduction of Survival in Human Septic Shock2009Kumar ACritical CareChest
Outcomes of chronic dialysis patients admitted to the intensive care unit2009Strijack BCritical CareJournal of the American Society of NephrologyFull PDF
A survival benefit of combination antibiotic therapy for serious infections associated with sepsis and septic shock is contingent only on the risk of death: a meta-analytic/meta-regression study2010Kumar ACritical CareCritical Care MedicineFull PDF
Acute Kidney Injury in Critically Ill Patients Infected With 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1): Report From a Canadian Province2010Sood MMCritical CareAmerican Journal of Kidney Diseases, Offical Journel of National Kidney Foundation
Age related changes in intensive care bed utilization over time: A population based study.2010Olafson KCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A1650Poster
Early Administration of Crystalloid Fluids Reduces Mortality in Septic Shock2010Waechter JCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A4097Poster
Early combination antibiotic therapy yields improved survival compared with monotherapy in septic shock: a propensity-matched analysis2010Kumar ACritical CareCritical Care Medicine
Gender Differences in Intensive Care Utilization2010Ramsey CCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A1651Poster
Intermediate term outcomes in ICU patients with seizures following cardiac surgery2010Manji RACritical CareCritical Care Medicine
Risk factors for seizures in cardiac surgery ICU Patients2010Manji RACritical Care
Seizures following cardiac surgery: the impact of tranexamic acid and other risk factors (Abstract)2010Manji RACritical CareAbstract
Specific Reporting Requirements Improves the Accuracy of Administrative Data for Identifying Intensive Care Unit Admission2010Garland ACritical CareATS Journal MeetingAbstracts.A1653Poster
Utilization of intensive care unit beds in a Canadian population2010Olafson KCritical CareATS Journal MeetingAbstracts.A5345http://{{{PubMedLink}}}Symposium
Comparison of different methods to describe intensive care bed use2011Olafson KCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A2381Poster
Effects on patients, physicians and families of 24 hour, on-site intensivist coverage in academic and community ICU care2011Garland ACritical CareATS Journal MeetingAbstracts.A1024Symposium
End Stage Renal Disease Status and Critical Illness in the Elderly2011Sood MCritical CareClinical Journal of the American Society of NephrologyFull PDF
High Rates of Mortality and Technique Failure in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients After Critical Illness2011Khan ACritical CarePeritoneal Dialysis International
Long-term outcomes of end-stage renal disease patients admitted to the ICU Nephrology Dialysis Transplant2011Sood MCritical CareNephrology Dialysis TransplantFull PDF
Reassessing Disparities in Access to Intensive Care Using a New Methodology2011Garland ACritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A4110
Resource Utilization After Survival From Critical Illness2011Ramsey CCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A4117
Risk factors associated with recurrent seizures following cardiac surgery2011Manji RACritical CareAbstract: Canadian Journal of Cardiology Supplement, Vol 27(5S), Sep/Oct 2011. Page S195 Abstract 373.Meeting
The ability to achieve complete revascularization is associated with improved in-hospital survival in cardiogenic shock due to myocardial infarction: Manitoba cardiogenic SHOCK Registry investigators2011Hussain FCritical CareCatheterization Cardiovascular InterventionsFull PDF
24 Hour Intensivist Presence: A Pilot Study of Effects on ICU Patients, Families, Doctors and Nurses2012Garland ACritical CareAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care MedicineFull PDF
Antimicrobial Therapeutic Determinants of Outcomes from Septic Shock Among Patients With Cirrhosis2012Yaseen M. ArabiCritical CareHepatologyhttp://10.1002/hep.25931
Changes Over Time in Intensive Care Unit Admission Diagnoses: A Population-Based Analysis2012Garland ACritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A2551Poster
Characteristics and Outcomes of Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Admissions in Intensive Care Units in Manitoba2012Fisher JCritical CarePoster
Comparing Use Of Intensive Care Units Between Rural And Urban Canadian Populations2012Olafson KCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A1633Poster
Constructing episodes of inpatient care: data infrastructure for population-based research2012Fransoo RCritical CareBMC Medical Research Methodology
Differences Between Intensive Care Unit Admissions Located In Rural And Urban Hospitals In A Canadian Population2012Ramsey CCritical CareATS Journals MeetingAbstracts.A1632Poster
How many ICU beds does a population need?2012Fransoo RCritical CarePresentation
Medical ward admissions among HIV-positive patients in Winnipeg, Canada, 2003–102012Thompson LHMedicineInternational Journal of STD & AIDSFull PDF
Seizures Post Cardiac Surgery2012Manji RACritical CarePresentation
Seizures following cardiac surgery: the impact of tranexamic acid and other risk factors2012Manji RACritical CareCanadian Journal of AnesthesiaFull PDF
Sex Differences In Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Admission Characteristics And Outcomes2012Ramsey CDCritical Care MeetingAbstracts.A2550Poster
The Accuracy of Administrative Data for Identifying the Presence and Timing of Admission to Intensive Care Units in a Canadian Province2012Garland ACritical CareMedical CareFull PDF
The Epidemiology and Outcomes of Critical Illness in Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB2012Garland ACritical Care ICU Report WEB (20120403).pdf
Vancomycin pharmacodynamics and survival in patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus-associated septic shock2012Zelenitskya SherylCritical CareInternational Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
A Population-based Analysis of Leaving the Hospital Against Medical Advice: Incidence and Predictors2013Kraut AMedicineBMC Health Services Research
Epidemiology of Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Units: A Population-based Observational Study2013Garland ACritical CareCritical Care
Mycobacterium tuberculosis septic shock2013Kethireddy, ShravanCritical CareChest 2013; 144(2):474-482 / AUGUST 2013
Rates of Readmission and Death Associated with Leaving Hospital Against Medical Advice: A Population-based Study2013Garland ACritical CareCanadian Medical Association Journal
A Population-based Observational Study of ICU-Related Outcomes: With Emphasis on Post-Hospital Outcomes2014Garland ACritical CareAnnals of the American Thoracic Society
Distinct Determinants of Short-term and Long-term Mortality After Critical Illness2014Garland ACritical CareIntensive Care Medicine
Early reversible acute kidney injury is associated with improved survival in septic shock2014Sood Manish M.Critical CareJournal of Critical Care
Increased Incidence of Critical Illness Among Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: a Population-based Study2014Marrie RACritical CareClinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Intensive Care Unit Admission in Multiple Sclerosis: Increased Incidence and Increased Mortality2014Marrie RACritical CareNeurology
Interaction Between Fluids and Vasoactive Agents on Mortality in Septic Shock:A Multicenter, Observational Study2014Jason WaechterCritical CareCritical Care Medicine Journal
Low-Dose Corticosteroid Treatment in Septic Shock: A Propensity-Matching Study2014Funk DuaneCritical CareCritical Care Medicine Journal
Variation in diagnostic testing in ICUs: a comparison of teaching and nonteaching hospitals in a regional system2014Spence JCritical CareCritical Care Medicine
Appropriate and timely antimicrobial therapy in cirrhotic patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis-associated septic shock: a retrospective cohort study2015Karvellas CJ,Critical CareAlimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics John Willey & Sons limited
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for blastomycosis-related acute respiratory distress syndrome: a case series2015Bednarczyk, Joseph M.Critical CareCanadian Journal of Anesthesia DOI 10.1007/s12630-015-0378-z
Health Care Utilization Before and After Intensive Care Unit Admission In Multiple Sclerosis2015Marrie RACritical CareMultiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders
Population Trends in Substances Used in Deliberate Self Poisoning Admissions to the ICU between 2000-20102015Bhaskaran JCritical CareThe Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
Predictors of ICU admission and outcomes one year post admission in persons with IBD: A population based study2015Bernstein CNCritical CareInflammatory Bowel Diseases
Recurrent seizures following cardiac surgery - risk factors and outcomes2015Manji RACritical CareJournal or Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Surge Capacity: Analysis of Census Fluctuations to Estimate the Number of Intensive Care Unit Beds Needed2015Olafson KCritical CareHealth Services Research
The ALERT scale: an observational study of early prediction of adverse hospital outcome for medical patients2015Roberts DECritical CareBMJ OpenFull PDF
Quality Improvement in Critical Care: Selection and Development of Quality Indicators2016Chrusch CACritical CareCanadian Respiratory Journal
Septic shock in chronic dialysis patients: clinical characteristics, antimicrobial therapy and mortality2016Clark ECritical CareIntensive Care Medicine Full PDF
A Population-based Study of Intensive Care Unit Admissions in Rheumatoid Arthritis2017Peschken CACritical CareThe Journal of Rheumatology
Health Care Utilization Before and After Intensive Care Unit Admission in Rheumatoid Arthritis2017Marrie RCritical Carehttp://nothing yet mmode=std,*Clin Exp Rheumatoly press. 2017 Nov-Dec;35(6):975-982. Epub 2017 Jun 5.Publication
Hospitalization is associated with subsequent disability in multiple sclerosis2017Garland ACritical CareMultiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders
Increased Incidence of Critical Illness in Psoriasis2017Marrie RACritical CareJournal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery


RefNum ProjName PI HIPC Status
2008013 Epidemiology and Long-Term Outcomes of Critical Illness in Manitoba Garland, Allan 2008/2009-15 Inactive
2010013 Program: The Interface Between Critical Illness & Chronic Inflammatory Disease Garland, Allan 2010/2011-15 Active
2010013 Program: The Interface Between Critical Illness & Chronic Inflammatory Disease Garland, Allan 2010/2011-15A Active
2010013 Program: The Interface Between Critical Illness & Chronic Inflammatory Disease Garland, Allan 2010/2011-15B Active
2010019 (D) Understanding the Health System Use of Ambulatory Care Patients Referred for Specialist Consultation Katz, Alan 2010/2011-35 Completed
2011020 Determinants of Short-term vs Long-term Survival after Critical Illness Garland, Allan 2010/2011-62 Z-Inactive
2012043 (D) Care of Manitobans Living with Chronic Kidney Disease Chartier, Mariette 2012/2013-21 Active
2013021 The Prolonged Stay Cardiac Surgery ICU Patient: Characterization and Long Term Outcomes Manji, Rizwan 2013/2014-08 Active
2014026 (D) Alcohol and the associated health and healthcare burden in Manitoba Nickel, Nathan 2014/2015-30 Active
2014034 Impact of Physical Activity on Depression after Cardiac Surgery Arora, Rakesh 2014/2015-11 Active
2015017 Validation of Administrative Data for Self-Harm Outcomes using a Clinical Database Randall, Jason 2014/2015-41 Active
2015023 Valve Surgery in Manitoba: A 20 Year Longitudinal Follow-Up Study Shah, Pallav 2014/2015-53 Active
2015037 (D) Diabetes In Manitoba Ruth, Chelsea 2015/2016-46 Active
2016005 Comparative Mental Health Outcomes And Mental Health Service Utilization In Survivors Of The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) And Their Spouses: A Population-Based, Matched Cohort Study In Manitoba, Canada Blouw, Marcus 2014/2015-59 Active
2016011 Patterns and Outcomes of Empiric Anti-bacterial Therapy for Complicated Pulmonary, Urinary Tract and Intra-abdominal Infections in Manitoba Hospitals: A Record-Linkage Study Mahmud, Salaheddin 2015/2016-58 Active
2016025 Estimating Direct Medical Costs of Diseases Associated with Human Papillomavirus Infection in Manitoba Mahmud, Salaheddin 2015/2016-67 Active
2016033 Long Term Functional Survival After Surgery on the Thoracic Aorta in Manitoba Lodewyks, Carly 2016/2017-01 Active
2016038 (D) Can we reduce ICU use by identifying patients at risk? Garland, Allan 2016/2017-47 Active
2016045 A Rapid Analytics Platform for Influenza Vaccine Evaluation and Translational Research Mahmud, Salaheddin 2016/2017-27 Active

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