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Query L ICD10 Charlson component points in Centralized data front end.accdb is part of Charlson Comorbidity scoring in ICD10 codes.

Specifically the query aggregates only the highest points per grouping, e.g. if a pt has both mild and moderate liver disease only the higher should be scored.

As per Charlson Comorbidities in ICD10 codes: "BOTH for simplicity AND to have a measure that is consistent with the way it is usually computed, we have chosen to use the Quan's specific ICD-10 codes, regardless of whether they're listed Comorbid Diagnoses, Admit Diagnoses or Acquired Diagnoses."


  • 2024-02-14 - removed clause HAVING (((L_ICD10_Charlson_dxs.Dx_Type)="Comorbid" Or (L_ICD10_Charlson_dxs.Dx_Type)="Acquired")); to consider all diagnosis types, consistent with Charlson Comorbidities in ICD10 codes

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