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see Centralized data front end.accdb Change Log and Centralized data front end.accdb Change Request for development info.

Access front end to connect PHI.mdb to Centralized data.mdb to help with data processing tasks.

File locations

  • \\Hsc1msfp0001\med_ccmed\CCMDB\centralized_front_end
    • ie x:\\CCMDB\centralized_front_end

See also Setting up Centralized data on a new PC



  • chosen ADL options
  • associated component scores
  • ADL standard TOTAL
  • ALERT Scale-version of ADL Total


see Charlson Comorbid Score query


see Created Variables


Standard starting query that combines L_Log and L_ PHI


Pulls only the tasks out of L_Dxs


start of implementing Multiple Encounter work left!


  • Primary Admit Dx

NDC_* queries

see Centralized data Vetting Process

s_gcs_eye, s_gcs_motor, s_gcs_verbal

Limits s_gcs to only the options for one of the components.

Modules and Functions

Function Fiscal_Year

Fiscal_Year(date) will return the fiscal year that date is in.

Module MOST_Score_Module

Function MOST_Score

see ALERT Scale Calculation

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