Query check Transfer DtTm after paired BL and before later BL

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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: For each pair, the Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry should never be earlier any Boarding Loc dttm, nor later than the next Boarding Loc
Related: Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry, Boarding Loc
Firmness: not entered
Timing: always
App: CCMDB.accdb
Coding: query check_Transfer_DtTm_after_paired_BL_and_before_later_BL
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: implemented
Implementation Date: 2022-05-03
Backlogged: No
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This check runs at pre-send checker time and considers all records except deleted ones.


  • 2023-02-08 - updated so it will not allow transfer ready to be equal to next boarding loc start
  • 2022-12-01 - wasn't linking to later ones correctly, fixed
  • 2022-10-13 - query had a D_ID specified that was left from testing it, which would have meant cases like this would have slipped through. Took out that D_ID. Also additional fixes.
  • 2022-05-03 - implementing; realized this replaces query s_tmp_check_combined_BL_and_TRDtTm_nonsequential

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