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This is an article about a future state, not present state! Collectors, don't start doing the things mentioned in here, but if you see a hole in the process, please speak up.

This article describes the process of the data collector requesting corrections from data collectors. The purpose of the process is to make the data corrections as little work as possible for all involved, and to integrate any necessary tracking into the process without requiring any external check lists or other paperwork.

Current state: Facilitated emails

"email collector about patient data" button

Possibly in future: Sending back the record


  • Possible future scenario: The data processor puts the concern into the Notes field and sets the RecordStatus field to "questioned". Next time the collector sends, the record is returned to the laptop by a series of queries. The collector updates the record, sets it to "complete" and sends it in with the next round of sends, at which time it will be processed like any other record.

This process is more automated and would need to be validated before we could implement. It would be the least work for all involved, though, I think.

We keep discussing this, talked about it again today. Ttenbergen 17:44, 2016 December 1 (CST)

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