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Things go wrong with CCMDB, such as suddenly showing the password on exit. Compact restore sometimes fixed things, but the password one isn't usually fixed that way. Also, other garbage stays behind that isn't addressed.


  • make new Access program
  • open in exclusive mode
    • file open, browse (to open window that gives exclusive option),
  • encrypt w password
    • file, encrypt, ignore row message
  • change options
    • open file, options
    • set application title to "Critical Care and Medicine Database Collection Tool"
    • Display Form: MainForm
    • Document Window Options: Overlapping Windows
    • Compact on Close: true
    • Possibly set the navigation options to include system and hidden tables for import, but then you might import corrupted things...
  • import everything (but hopefully no problems) from old DB
    • External data, new datasource, from database, Access
    • in each tab, select all
    • click options button and select all under import
  • add reference to required VBA libraries
    • Microsoft Outlook 16.0 Object Library
    • Microsoft Excel 16.0 Object Library
  • recreate database relationships: run Sub SQL_relations_restorer()
  • might be a good time to do a Re-importing CCI and IDC10 categories from wiki to CCMDB.accdb


  • 2022-11-02 - recreated db relationships that were still not restored after most recent recreate
  • 2022-10-26 - doing this because of password on close; got error that DB could not find SL EPR Exclusions table, which was deleted some time ago.

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