Re-importing CCI and IDC10 categories from wiki to CCMDB.accdb

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Our ICD10 diagnosis codes are all in one or more ICD10 Categories. Our CCI Procedure codes are all in one or more CCI Categories. These CCI Categories are also used to tell CCMDB.accdb which CCI Collection Mode to use for a procedure. The wiki is the single point of truth for this information, but when it is changed on the wiki it needs to be manually imported into CCMBD. The process for that is as follows.


This process takes about 15 minutes if all goes right.

  1. open CCI Categories for CCMDB.accdb and ICD10 Categories for CCMDB.accdb
  2. in each, select all codes (it's a long list, and the easiest way to do it is to highlight the first part of the first code, scroll to the bottom, and shift-click on the end of the last code to select)
  3. copy the codes
  4. paste each set of codes into a separate text file and name them, e.g. cci.txt and icd.txt
    • delete the duplicate x3x3 code from the CCI list
  5. open CCMDB.accdb
  6. open and delete all records from the three tables:
  7. click "External Data" at the top, then "Text file"
  8. browse to the file you made above, e.g. cci.txt
  9. click the "append a copy of the records to table" radio button and select the table; use table s_CCI_Categories and s_ICD10_Categories
  10. Click next twice (the first correctly defaults to "delimited", the second correctly defaults to "semicolon")
  11. click finish
  12. repeat from "click external data" for the other file and table
  13. double-click query s_CCI_Categories_Collection_Mode_Maker to populate s_CCI_Categories_Collection_Mode table; this had to be a table rather than a query because using a query would have made records in the CCI subforms not editable.
  14. update info in scoring tables
  15. Roll out the change

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