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It has to be there to be found

If a diagnosis (or other concept) is known by several names, the wiki search will only find it if that search term is on the page. So, if you tried to find a page e.g. by an acronym, and when you finally find it it only has the full name on it, make sure you add the acronym to the text of the page. That way the search will find it next time. For bonus points, make a redirect page.


Good search technique can help you find things.

Via Search bar:

  • if you find too much
    • use a more specific term (ie one assumed to be used in fewer pages - this might not be the first term that comes to mind when you think of a topic)
    • if the term you are searching for has several words, put them "inside double quotes"
  • if you find too little use fewer or alternate search terms


  • find a similar page and check the categories to see if one of them would include the thing you are actually looking for

program based solutions

  • tested if google search would work better, it doesn't seem to.

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wiki housekeeping

  • There are ongoing problems searching the wiki. Better search functionality would be nice.
  • added: 2019-02-13
  • action:
  • Cargo

  • Categories
  • looked into ElasticSearch when I next update the wiki software via elastica or CirrusSearch - timeframe: next 2 months Ttenbergen 13:53, 2019 February 13 (CST)
    • when I did look into this, adding elasticSearch would have meant either running a server ourselves or using a different host. Complexity not worth it. Ttenbergen 15:52, 2021 June 23 (CDT)