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Legacy only 

For Master Medicine database directory go to: MedTMS Directory

  • A TMSX program Setup batch file can be found on shared X:\TMS_Setup\TMSX_Setup_Updates !Update_copy.bat. This contains all the latest programs and data files. (data file updated here each week by Data Processor.
C: TMSX \Combineddata  
    \HelpFilesTMSX \CCMSHelp.cnt
    \data APAC.LOG
  Apache.exe   apache.dat
  apaclog.exe   CCMS.HSC.dft
  Bootout.exe   Ccms.dft
  ccms.exe   CoMorbDiag.rnd
  CoLabels.exe   CritIndex.dat
  CombinedErrorsFinder.exe   diag.rnd
  ComboLookUpProof.exe   diaglist.dia
  Csetup.exe   DIAGNEW98.tbl
  Demosrch.exe   EdTrack.cse
  DirectPrint.exe   Firstnme.lkp
  EXCodeCheck.exe   HCCMS.DLT
  DxRangeSearch.exe   Hccms.elt
  Exporter.exe   INDIVID.LOG
  FileSplit.exe   infections.rnd
  labedit.exe   infectionsCheck.dat
  LabRprt.exe   lab.DAT
  Labs.exe   LabLblDates.dtf
  LabUploadICU.exe   LABLOG.LOG
  logprnt.exe   LABNAME.TBL
  LookupFileMkr.exe   LABVAL.TBL
  LookupProof.exe   Lastname.lkp
  Occupy1.exe   newdiag.dat
  PDAcritical.exe   PHARCOST.TBL
  PharEdit.exe   PharLblDates.dtf
  Pharmacy.exe   pharmacy.dat
  PharmRpt.exe   pharmacy.old
  Populatn.exe   PHARMLOG.LOG
  registry.exe   Pharname.tbl
  REPORT15.exe   pharname.TM$
  RPTINDVB.exe   PHINlabel.dat
  ST5UNST.LOG   PhinList.lkp
  tiss.exe   PhinList.PHX
  Tissrprt.exe   ProvLK.dat
  TScanReader.exe   REGIST.LOG
  Utility.exe   Registryx.dat
C: labUpldbkupICU    
C: generaltmsx \print.bmp  
C: CritPDAdnld \Holding zone  
    \ImportLOG RDM_Critcal_log.log (new paperless append log list)
C: TMSXsplit \CON