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This article is about information we used to have in TMSX/MedTMS that is no longer collected, and which is not now stored in Centralized_data.mdb. This data is now stored in Legacy TMS Data.mdb.

Legacy TMS Data.mdb#Tables

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  • SAPS II & APACHE II - we stopped on all new admissions to Medicine units in the Region was on December 31, 2006 and we retained HR, RR, Sys BP, WBC, GCS. I propose we keep the result with the other legacy data rather than re-implementing scoring for this. Ttenbergen 17:06, 2013 December 30 (CST)
    • Yes we can keep but only up to Dec 2006. After that, the scores are not valid because the data elements are dummy. JMojica 16:20, 2014 January 6 (CST)
      • Sorry, what I meant was keep the data outside of the new data structure since we are no longer collecting it. At the simplest, this would mean "keep" them as the last export from TMSX that we do. Would that work for you, Julie, since I anticipate you are the only person who might draw back on this data? Ttenbergen 10:05, 2014 January 9 (CST)
  • NOTE, in medicine we collected, in tandem both SAPII and APACHE II. Trish Ostryzniuk 17:21, 2014 February 9 (CST)
  • SAPS - collection of some SAPS elements were discontinued in Dec 2006. See details in SAPS II
    • SAPS Total Score
    • LOGIT value based on the SAPS model - not documented on the wiki. And, I thought we stopped SAPS? is this needed?
    • Predicted Probability


Stick into some sort of "Legacy" data:

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