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  • Explanation: TASKS.mdb was an Access database containing Tasks Elements collected by the Medicine Program. See that page for more info.
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TASKS.mdb is an Access database which stores Task items collected by the Medicine Program.

Final resting place: \\ad.wrha.mb.ca\wrha\REGION\Shared\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\Output\versions

Data Output Generation

The data in this file was generated by two queries in the CCMDB.mdb that took 5 lines of task data from L_Dxs and translated it into one line of data in Tasks.mdb.

Data Processing

The Data Processor used to clean up the table tasks_master (not tasks). (as per PTorres 09:46, 2013 November 19 (CST))

Legacy info


No longer using this. Ttenbergen 11:24, 2015 April 30 (CDT)

Name change

File name changed from Tasks.mdb to tasks_1.mdb September 23, 2009 to fix a bug. Ttenbergen 09:33, 24 September 2009 (CDT)

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