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Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: This article refers to a legacy project, this was not pursued further.
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ICU transfer tracking paper log – (implemented by Dr. Gray and Dr. Garland as an attempt to find a possibly more reliable way to get transfer ready dates for ICU). If more reliable then administration will approve that data collector's stop collecting this information from the ICU charts.

The Process

  1. HSC_ICU calls admitting department when patient is transfer ready.
  2. Admitting clerk records transfer ready on form.
  3. Denise Felbel faxes form to Wendy Sebastianowich (Perry Gray’s admin assist). Form faxed when page is full.
  4. Wendy faxes form to data processing office, JJ387.
  5. Date is entered into an Access Database on our share drive X (Transfer_Ready_Tracker.mdb)

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