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Julie identified at 2022-07-13 Task that sometimes the Visit Admit DtTm in Cognos is different for records within a single hospitalization. This is clearly an error and we need to know why it happens.

Since we use the Visit Admit DtTm to define hospitalizations, we can't really check the Cognos Data for this issue unless we have an example.

It was decided that the next few times Julie sees such a problem she’ll forward them to Tina, who’ll analyze the reason(s). This may be an ADT/Cognos error and it may require reporting it to be fixed to Chastity. It was later decided that Pagasa is the one who catches these while running Link_suspect_not_same_visitAdmitDtTm query, and would therefore be the one to forward examples to Tina.

  • This continues to happen infrequently, but the decision was made at TASK that we would not change the Visit Admit DtTm, however Pagasa will change those Visit Admit DtTm fields for those profiles where there are multiple records and the Visit Admit DtTm is wrong in one of the profiles. Tina said copy/paste should be used and not to change manually. Lisa Kaita 11:59, 2024 February 22 (CST)

This may be related to an older task in Tina's outlook "Chastity - exclusion of "fixed" data" - not sure if that ever went anywhere.


  • 2022-12-08 - email to Pagasa to request examples
  • 2022-?? various discussions

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