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Active?: legacy
Program: CC
Requestor: unknown
Collection start: 2016-07-07
Collection end: 2018-07-19

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ACCU Borrow is used to track duration that a STB ACCU patient spends in a STB CICU, or STB MICU bed. This is a special case of Bed borrow.

See also: Tracking ICUotherService

Data Collection Instructions

Any STB_ACCU patient who occupies an STB MICU or CICU bed while under Acute Care Cardiology Service (ACCU) at any time, enter all moves between borrowed beds.

  • SEE:ICUotherService for STB_ACCU patient in a STB MICU or CICU bed and is NOT under acute care cardiology service.

When an A_CCU patient is in MICU or CICU from the start, the date and time in the borrow tmp field will be the same as the admit date and time to that unit. If the patient is later discharged to the ward, no other action is needed because it will be understood that the pt remained in the borrowed location the entire time. If, however, the pt is transferred to the A_CCU location, then, another entry must be made in the borrow tmp section to indicate the date and time for this move. For example, the first entry will have A_CCU borrow then "MICU" with the date and time. The second entry for A_CCU borrow will be A_CCU and then the date and time when moved there. A patient could also start out in A_CCU and then move to MICU or CICU so then the entries would be made to reflect these moves. --LKolesar 11:47, 2016 August 11 (CDT)

  • Use tmp fields:
    • Project: ACCU borrow
    • Item: CICU or MICU or ACCU
    • start_dt: date on unit
    • start_tm: time on unit

If physician service changes from ACCU to STB MICU or STB CICU while still in MICU or CICU, create a new profile.

Different Scenario of ACCU Borrow

  • The whole stay has been borrowed bed in MICU or CICU.
  • Only partial stay has been borrowed bed in MICU or CICU.
    • Usually the order of stay is MICU or CICU first and then move to ACCU.
    • Few cases that ACCU is first and then borrowing bed in MICU or CICU at the end of stay.
    • Rare case that ACCU is first and then borrowing bed in MICU or CICU And then back to ACCU.
    • Rare case that ACCU borrowed beds are in both MICU and CICU in consecutive orders.

Data Use

Cross checks

ACCU date outside of admission time



then give a hard error. This can't be.

Implemented as query s_tmp_ACCU_Borrow_chronicity_hard.

ACCU date within 2 hours after Arrive_DtTm


give an escapable error. This might be true but is quite likely to be an error.

Implemented as query s_tmp_ACCU_Borrow_2_hr_soft'.

If ACCU entry then off-ward should be checked

If there is an ACCU entry then the Off ward field has to be checked.

The opposite is not necessarily true since the off-ward location could be PACU.

Implemented as query s_tmp_ACCU_off_ward.

can't have two entries that are the same

  • query s_tmp_CCU_Service_twins - can't have two entries that are the same (ie same service and time)

Implemented as query s_tmp_ACCU_twin.

SAS Program

  • The program that reads the data from Project ACCU borrow and calculates the length of stay on borrowed beds is in X:\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\

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