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Active?: active
Program: CC
Requestor: Critical Care program (Allan Garland)

This project tracks where and when a patient arrives into a "borrowed bed".

A "borrowed bed" is when a patient is not physically located in the place designated by the Service/Location.

  • Critical Care will track all instances of bed borrows
  • Medicine is not included in this project.

This new project replaces ACCU borrow.

This project does not replace ICUotherService; we will still need this item in the event that both the bed and the service are both borrowed. Administration at STB want this data.

Data Collection Instructions

In TMP, a "no borrow" entry will automatically be added to every new Critical Care patient's record.

If the patient never ends up in a "borrowed bed" during their stay then, leave the default in Item as no borrow and also put a check mark in the checkbox. (this is to verify that there was no bed borrow, otherwise no one is sure is missed or not). If the patient does end up in a "borrowed bed", change the item to the location of the borrow and enter the rest as per below: #How to enter this.

Add a new tmp entry for every additional move/borrow within your centre that a patient makes during their stay at your Service/Location; including moves from borrowed location to your actual unit.

How to enter this

  • Use tmp fields:
    • Project: Borrow arrive
    • Item: no borrow is the default (check off the box under column B for all patients not borrowing a bed).
    • Item: borrow arrive (select the ward/unit where the bed was borrowed):
    • Enter start_dt: arrival date at borrowed bed, under column E.
    • Enter start_tm: arrival time at borrowed bed, under column M.
    • checkbox: to be checked only in case of "no borrow"
  • If the patient moves back to their "home unit", make another borrow arrive entry and select your home unit. Enter the date/time for this move, as above.

Special Case - original arrival is in "borrowed bed"

If pt is admitted to your physician service but the original location is from an off-ward bed, code that location with borrow date and time = Arrive DtTm

Special Case - PACU

If a bed is borrowed in PACU / post-anesthesia care / recovery unit, code this as a borrow. (i.e. <hosp> - recovery, e.g. "HSC - recovery").

Special Case - From ER

Not included in this project.

Special Case - Parked

Not included.

  • For patients who are Parked in ER, no need an entry for these, since the ER delay will take care of them.

Start/End Dates

  • Start: 2018-07-19
  • End: there is no planned end date

Data / Implementation comments

Review date: August 1.18

this data may eventually replace: ACCU borrow and ICUotherService

CCDMB Data Integrity Checks (not yet implemented)

(start_dt, start_tm) outside of admission time



then give a hard error. This can't be.

Implemented as query ___not___yet___implemented___.

can't have two entries that are the same

Can't have two identical entries.

Implemented as query ___not___yet___implemented___.

has to either have location and time or "no borrow" checked

all in header... Implemented as query ___not___yet___implemented___.

can't borrow on own unit

This is allowed because this is how we would code a patient moving back to home unit. No check! Just leaving it here in case.


There are more at the project this replaced, ACCU_borrow#CCDMB_Data_Integrity_Checks_.28implemented.29. Did all make it over here?

Data Use

Critical care program wants to know this to better understand patient flow and bed utilization.

SAS Program

The SAS program calculates the time spent in a borrowed bed at each ICU stay and summarize the total bed-days in a given interval that are taken up by boarders from elsewhere and how much a certain unit is boarding elsewhere.

Time spent in borrowed bed = Next Arrival Date_time - First Arrival Date_time
where Next Arrival Date_time = Dispo Date_time if there is no more next arrival date_time.

The SAS program is saved in X:\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\


Will replace Off ward field to provide more meaningful data.

We used to collect Moves for Medicine but this was too much work because there are too many administrative moves. Also, the data wasn't being used.

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