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Active?: legacy
Program: CC and Med
Requestor: Internal
Collection start: 2017-02-01
Collection end: 2017-03-31

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
  • Explanation: Project finished
  • Successor:

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Tracking of the source collectors use for Accept DtTm to help us assess quality and consistency of this data.

Collection instructions

For each patient admitted from the ER, enter one or more lines for this project.

Enter one line for each document you came across that you could have used as source for the Accept DtTm, enter the source/document:

  • TMP tab on laptop in CCMDB.accdb
  • Project: AcceptDateSource
  • Item: select the document from #Options for "Item"
  • checkbox/column B: check if this is the document you used for the Accept DtTm
  • Date/column E: enter the date if different from the one you used.
  • Time/column M: enter the time if different from the one you used.
    • If time is not documented leave it blank and enter "no time documentation" into the comment field.
    • If multiple times are documented in a given Item (say Dr Order), enter the earliest time and no need to enter the other times of the same Item. JMojica 10:29, 2017 January 31 (CST)
  • coment/column Q': comment if item is "Guess" or "Other"

Direct Admissions / Transfers who stop in ER

Options for "Item"

Use one of the following for the "Item": {