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This template is used in ICD10 dx pages that are part of MRSA coding.

To use:

{{ICD10 Guideline MRSA}}


You can use the "set MRSA Colonized" button to enter the following:


Combined code the following

  • the appropriate code from one of the following
Infection requiring pathogen codes:
Potential infection codes:

Colonized vs local infection

  • If MRSA drawn from an abscess or deep in wound and you think it is causing the "local" infection, else code colonization.

Data Use

Julie reported in 2013 that in the past 2 years there were 2 requests for data related to these variables.

z "It was decided that Allan with contact Dr. Embil after COVID is over and see if we can obtain this data from Infection Control. If so, we could import it into the database, and have our data collectors cease obtaining it." - did anything come of that?

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