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This page is about the initiative to get ABG data electronically rather than having collectors code it. ABGs are currently coded as CCI Picklist entries:

Initially we thought ABG Data is not available via DSM Lab Extract because it is done directly in hospital. Turns out it is fed into the DSM stream so we should be able to get it from there as BGAS.

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ABG-related content from DSM

  • Allan provided likely list of data elements we would use; Tina has imported these into a test program to check against the last DSM export.
    • Arterial pH 8020
    • Venous pH 8034

Tina's comparison

  • imported items suggested by Allan for last round of data that Pagasa requested as per Lab identification in the DSM data
  • somewhat arbitrarily limited the comparison set to pts Accept_DtTm>#2019-04-01#, Dispo_DtTm<=#2019-08-16# and vetted to exclude records that were not part of this import, and compared them to only "acquired" CCIs (there were a lot of "admit" ABGs which probably doesn't make sense, but that's a different story...)
    • there may be some discrepancy between these just due to the cut-offs of the DSM data
    • In this subset:
      • in DSM data, there were 635 D_IDs: 933 arterial, 2178 venous
      • in CCI data, there were 856 D_IDs: total px_count 817 arterial, 1964 venous
      • there were no D_IDs that were in CCI but not in DSM
      • there were 41 D_IDs that were in DSM but not in CCI; ex: STB_ACCU-39439, HSC_SICb-2228
        • arterial: 151 matching D_IDs
          • 37 had a higher count in DSM than in CCI; ex: HSC_MICa-2331, STB_MICU-32190
          • 111 (73%) had the same count (119 (78%) had +/-1 count)
          • 3 had a higher count in CCI than in DSM; ex: HSC_MICd-2535, STB_E5d-1761
        • venous: 537 matching D_IDs
          • 115 had a higher count in DSM than in CCI; ex: STB_MICU-32190, HSC_MICd-2438
          • 405 (75%) had the same count (454 (84%) had +/-1 count)
          • 17 had a higher count in CCI than in DSM; ex: STB_ACCU-39513, HSC_MICa-2421
  • I have saved the data and program I used at \\ad.wrha.mb.ca\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\CCMDB\DSM Labs Imports\DSM_ABGs,
    • the main program is ABG_DSM_CCI comparer.accdb but tables would need to be re-connected to use it from that location
    • I have exported two excel sheets with the compare values and D_IDs in case someone wants to do some spot checks into the differences


in newest first order:

  • Dec 4, 2019 - see #Tina's comparison.
  • Nov 14, 2019 - Contacting Kim Webster; the hospitals do not have a DB, but should be available as BGAS from DSM; we need to contact out DSM contact; Tina to check if we already get that.
  • Nov 5, 2019 - Discussed at Task, this is now a priority since we need to streamline collection

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