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Centralized data Backup

Centralized_data.mdb and PHI.mdb live on an eHealth server and so are backed up by them (#eHealth file shares). We also created dated snapshot backups every time the data processor pulls data as part of vetting and then pushes it again. For details, see

Centralized backup locations

Following directories:

  • M:\Backup\Centralized_data
  • M:\Backup\PHI
  • X:\CCMDB\PHI\PHI_CSV_Archive


We will only keep backups from major change versions long term.

Tina has a monthly reminder to manually cull the push-pull backups that are older than one month.

eHealth file shares

All our file shares are backed up by eHealth. To restore any files missing from a file share contact the help desk. Their retention schedule as of 2019-12 is:

Daily Bi-Weekly Monthly
Data Category Backup Type Retention Period Backup Type Retention Period Backup Type Retention Period
DEFAULT - ALL local drives (default excludes below data categories) I 4W     F 6M
File Shared I 4W     F 12M
Databases I 2W F 4W    
Virtual Machines I 4W     F 6M

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