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The Pull_down_centralized_data.vbs moves the files used by CFE from their various server locations to the local disk.

Copy here only centralized data.vbs, Pull down centralized data.vbs and Push up centralized data.vbs work as a set, if one is changed the others will likely need to be changed as well.

Pull_down_centralized_data.vbs does the following, writing progress to a log file

File locations


  • \\Hsc1msfp0001\med_ccmed\CCMDB\centralized_front_end\
  • X:\CCMDB\centralized_front_end
  • Data Processor uses a shortcut to this on her desktop

Local, where copies to:

  • C:\Centralized_CCMDB

Windows script Host Error

  • Title: Windows Script Host Error
  • Body:
Script: S:\Med\Med_CCMED\CCMDB\centralized_front_end\Pull_down_centralized_data.vbs
Line: 193
Char: 4
Error: Unknown runtime error
Code: 800A9D9F
Source: Microsoft VbScript runtime error

This error happens on the line

access.run "loadAllCSVFiles"

which is part of PHI Loader.accdb.

The problem happens when Microsoft Access is not set up to trust the location of the .mdb and the script.

To fix, add "S:\Med\Med_CCMED\" to Trusted location in addition to the usual ones. Use instructions in Changing settings in MS Access after first open.

Log file of push and pull of centralized

see Push/Pull log

Change log


  • removed processing for TISS28 since that file is now static



  • updated file path for x:\ after Shared Health made server changes.



removed some of the msgboxes so there is not so much clicking each time. (Tina, 10:02, 2017 September 14 (CDT))



  • added TISS28 to the process Ttenbergen 16:51, 2016 August 18 (CDT)


in live location now Ttenbergen 17:06, 2015 May 20 (CDT)

  • changed backup locations
    • network_backup = "M:\Backup"
    • c_Backups = network_backup & "\Centralized_data"
    • p_Backups = network_backup & "\PHI"
    • t_Backups = network_backup & "\TISS28" (added)(not used yet)


in live now Ttenbergen 12:21, 2015 April 20 (CDT)

  • script didn't copy newly sent PHI information from Regional Server\output\_phi. Now it does.

Ttenbergen 12:21, 2015 April 20 (CDT)

  • added variable p_regsrv. Ttenbergen 12:21, 2015 April 20 (CDT)


in live now Ttenbergen 16:50, 2014 November 6 (CST)

  • always get CFE, not only if newer


in live location now Ttenbergen 15:18, 2014 October 9 (CDT)

  • added lock checks to the copy-to-local of phi.mdb and centralize_data.mdb Ttenbergen 15:08, 2014 October 9 (CDT)
  • making the three sister scripts consistent Ttenbergen 15:08, 2014 October 9 (CDT)


released Ttenbergen 12:57, 2014 March 31 (CDT)

  • added code to check if phi is locked, to bail if so and to import csvs if not locked Ttenbergen 12:09, 2014 March 31 (CDT)
  • updated line calling firefox upon update to work properly Ttenbergen 12:09, 2014 March 31 (CDT)


original version released today Ttenbergen 15:57, 2014 March 18 (CDT)