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The Push_up_centralized_data.vbs moves the files used by CFE to their various server locations.

Copy here only centralized data.vbs, Pull down centralized data.vbs and Push up centralized data.vbs work as a set, if one is changed the others will likely need to be changed as well.

Push_up_centralized_data.bat does the following, writing progress to a log file

File locations


  • \\ad.wrha.mb.ca\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\CCMDB\centralized_front_end
  • X:\CCMDB\centralized_front_end
  • Data Processor uses a shortcut to this on her desktop

Local, where copies to:

  • C:\Centralized_CCMDB

Log file of push and pull of centralized

see Push/Pull log

Change log


  • removed processing for TISS28 since that file is now static



  • updated file path for x:\ after Shared Health made server changes.




  • added TISS28 to the process Ttenbergen 16:51, 2016 August 18 (CDT)


change so CCMDB.accdb is copied to c:\ccmdb_program\ instead


in live location now Ttenbergen 10:02, 2015 September 28 (CDT)

  • edited some spots where "pull" was used in stead of push, eg log file generation Ttenbergen 10:02, 2015 September 28 (CDT)


in live location now Ttenbergen 17:06, 2015 May 20 (CDT)

  • changed backup locations
    • network_backup = "M:\Backup"
    • c_Backups = network_backup & "\Centralized_data"
    • p_Backups = network_backup & "\PHI"
    • t_Backups = network_backup & "\TISS28" (added)(not used yet)


in live location now Ttenbergen 15:18, 2014 October 9 (CDT)

  • added lock checks to the copy-to-local of phi.mdb and centralize_data.mdb Ttenbergen 15:08, 2014 October 9 (CDT)
  • making the three sister scripts consistent Ttenbergen 15:08, 2014 October 9 (CDT)


original version released today Ttenbergen 16:00, 2014 March 18 (CDT)