Bed Census Data Processing Instructions

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Critical Care in WRHA

Start Date

May 3, 2012

What is the purpose of processing the bed census data?

The downloaded data from the Bed census Website contain one or more data collection times in a day for each unit. Only one daily data is needed in the Bed census database and the time that was agreed upon is 2:00 p.m.. The individual site ICUs are asked to submit and fax their bed census data at 2:00 am and 2:00 pm and every time there is a change in bed census. However upon receipt of the faxed forms, it takes some time for the HSC clerk to enter the faxed information. So in order to capture the 2:00 pm data, the data before and closest to 3:00 pm is extracted from the downloaded data.

Data Processing -New Instructions

  1. Goes to the HSC_MICU and picks up the bed census faxed sheets minimally every Tuesday and Friday. (clerk leaves it in a slot by fax machine). Due to COVID, the HSC_MICU clerk bring the forms to JJ387 inbox.
  2. Exports (downloads) all entered data once per week;
    • FROM: http:\\, (only the scanner computer has access this site our office. Site is password protected).
    • TO: x\\med_ccmed\Pagasa\whiteboard\ICUBedsCensusHistory.xls
  3. Opens SAS 9.4 (program written by the Statistician Jmojica to sort and export. Sorted to include bed count closes to before 1500 hrs each days and also for those dates where there was no bed change (IICU) reuse the bed count from the previous day closest to before 1500 hrs.
    • in SAS - OPEN PROGAM
    • go to: S:\MED\MED_CCMED\PAGASA\Whiteboard\
    • OPEN
    • change the earliest and inclusive dates in the SAS script to date you last exported and up to the day you did export
    • RUN
    • SAVE
    • CLOSE
    • The SAs program will export an excel file labeled whiteboard.xlsx
  4. Go to: S:\MED\MED_CCMED\PAGASA\Whiteboard\whiteboard.xlsx
  5. Manually checks whiteboard.xlsx if the dates specified for each unit are complete.
  6. uploads (imports) the whiteboard.xlsx from "S:\MED\MED_CCMED\PAGASA\Whiteboard" to S:\Critical_Care\Patient_DB_Reports\Bed_Census into an access database. This is also known as Randy Martens Daily bed census database.
    • Copy the WRHA Critical Care Daily Bed Census-Ver2020.mdb from folder S:\Critical_Care\Patient_DB_Reports\Bed_Census to your desktop
    • OPEN WRHA Critical Care Daily Bed Census-Ver2020.mdb
    • Check to ensure last date of import where you left off
    • FILE
    • GET EXTERNAL Data S:\MED\MED_CCMED\PAGASA\Whiteboard\Whiteboard.xlsx
    • IMPORT
    • SAVE
    • check if the last date in the mdb is correct.
    • Copy back the updated WRHA Critical Care Daily Bed Census-Ver2020.mdb from your desktop to folder S:\Critical_Care\Patient_DB_Reports\Bed_Census
    • The Master database is on folder S:\Critical_Care\Patient_DB_Reports\Bed_Census


Bed census.mdb Queries

  • most of the Queries in this mdb are made by p:Randy Martens, who is not longer with Program effective July 16, 2020

Legacy Processing Instructions Bed census.mdb