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Clinical Assessment Units are wards to which emergency department decants patients who are are waiting on acquisition of resources (diagnostics and consults) for 24 hrs or more before they are safely returned to community. At some time these were considered part of the ER, but as of 2020-10 they are all Family Medicine. Special collection instructions applied at some point, but now they are simply one of the many units we don't collect on.

Site Specific information

How these are collected differs at the different sites. See for more info:

WRHA ER models of care plan article

WRHA Models of ER Care article (2017-10-02)

Retirement of s_dispo entries

We used to collect the CAUs as separate locations from local wards because they used to be managed by the ER, and so could have contained EMIPs. As of 2021 they are all managed by Family Medicine, and so for our considerations are just another hospital ward where we don't collect, coded as e.g. HSC_Ward.

All *CAU entries for incomplete pts were changed to *ward entries, and the *CAU entries in S dispo table were retired.

  • Do you care if we keep the old entries around, or do you want them converted to plain *Ward entries to show up differently in any reporting you do? If fine as is then we should set this page (and the local equivalents) to Legacy. If you want to convert, we can do that and then delete the old CAU pages.

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Boarding Loc entries

With Change of GRA location names from "our" names to EPR/Cognos names and patients boarding in CAU, there are some Boarding Loc of "GH-CAU". This should not really cause any problems, just documenting it here.


SELECT L_TmpV2.* FROM L_TmpV2 WHERE (((L_TmpV2.Project)="Boarding Loc") AND ((L_TmpV2.Item)="GH-CAU"));

Currrent state in CFE

See sql to see dispo or boarding loc CAUs in CFE   


SELECT L_Log.D_ID, s_dispo.location_name AS pre_admit, s_dispo_1.location_name AS previous, s_dispo_2.location_name AS SL, s_dispo_3.location_name AS dispo, tmp_CAU.Item, L_Log.Accept_DtTm, L_Log.Arrive_DtTm, L_Log.Dispo_DtTm, L_Log.RecordStatus
FROM ((((L_Log LEFT JOIN s_dispo ON L_Log.Pre_admit_Inpatient_Institution = s_dispo.dispo_ID) LEFT JOIN s_dispo AS s_dispo_1 ON L_Log.Previous_Location = s_dispo_1.dispo_ID) LEFT JOIN s_dispo AS s_dispo_2 ON L_Log.Service_Location = s_dispo_2.dispo_ID) LEFT JOIN s_dispo AS s_dispo_3 ON L_Log.Dispo = s_dispo_3.dispo_ID) LEFT JOIN (SELECT L_TmpV2.* FROM L_TmpV2 WHERE (((L_TmpV2.Item) Like "*CAU")))  AS tmp_CAU ON L_Log.D_ID = tmp_CAU.D_ID
WHERE (((s_dispo.location_name) Like "*CAU")) OR (((s_dispo_1.location_name) Like "*CAU")) OR (((s_dispo_2.location_name) Like "*CAU")) OR (((s_dispo_3.location_name) Like "*CAU")); 

pre-admit inpt...

A quick review of the data shows that collectors are using CAUs even now. Possibly more concerningly, when CAU is the Previous Location , about 5% coded the pre-admit location as NA/Not applicable, the rest coded it as same CAU, except for a few who are mixing CAU and ER in these.

  • Do we need to correct these old inconsistencies? Ttenbergen 11:09, 2021 May 5 (CDT)
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