ETT unscheduled extubations

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Legacy Content

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Data Use

  • data was used by statistician to submit to CCVSM (Critical Care Vital Signs Monitoring) which is defunct

Project and Form Start Date

Hosp ETT unscheduled extubation_start date Unit
HSC Dec 1.08 MICU
HSC Sept 28.09 IICU
  Dec 1.08 SICU
GRA Dec 1.08 MICU
VIC Dec 1.08 MICU
OAK Dec 1.08 MICU
CON Dec 1.08 MICU

Form Stop Date

  • Stopped form May 6.13.Trish Ostryzniuk 18:20, 2013 May 9 (EDT). No longer be using central line and ETT forms faxed in by CRN's.Trish Ostryzniuk 18:19, 2013 May 9 (EDT)

Project Stop Date

No stop date for project. Unplanned extubation and central line counts will be gathered from TISS28 starting Jan 1.13.

  • See DeviceUse Study. - This project was related to ETT but failed to launch.

Current process in place to obtain information

  1. information is collected by the CRN/charge nurse at each of the ICU's in the city. Data is suppose to be completed at the same time each day.
  2. counts includes the number of ET_Tubes per day, and the number of unsheduled/unplanned extubations per day.
  3. form is faxed to our office once per week. Original kept in CRN office at site. Data Processor has a contact person at each site she must call if forms are not received by Wednesday each week.
  4. Data Processor manually enters counts into an ACCESS database on our share point on "X":.
  • NAME: CentralLineswithETtube.mdb
  • LOCATION: X:\CCMDB_Special_Projects\Central_Line_Infections_ETube\DATA_ENTRY_LineCounts_ETube\CentralLineswithETtube.mdb

Legacy Forms used in ICU

  • Form is completed daily by CRN (charge nurse) or manager and FAXED to the Database Research office once per week (every Monday with previous weeks data).
  • Data Processor makes a phone call to specific contact people in each ICU every week if the form is not submitted by Wednesday each week.
  • Data Processor manually enters values from this form into an Access database on our office share drive X.

Paper form faxing Stop date

Will stop the faxed in paper forms effective May 6.13, 2013. With 3 months data of overlapped, comparative analysis of the 2 data collection process was done by: Julie Mojica and presented to Steering Committee. The outputs are saved in X:\CCMDB_Special_Projects\Central_Line_Infections_ETube\ComparativeAnalysis_TISSvsCL .

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