Eds AND raw push to x scheduled.vbs

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legacy only now

Also referred to as the 2 in 1

What does it do?

Is a VBS batch file that has been also set up as a scheduled task (with message stops removed) and it copies SPECIFIC master dat files of Ed's from TMSX & MedTMS and also any exported csv files from Ed's (raw csv dat files), from data processor C drive to folder on X. This batch file can also be run manually.

This file is now set up for logging the following:

  • when it was run
  • the outcome of the script (success | failure)
  • any missing file/folder issues.

The logging is useful for days when the Data Processor is away. The scheduled task can be assessed without the requirement of accessing her PC.

For more details go to: Eds_and_raw_push_to_x_manual.vbs

Where does it live?

  • The Scheduled Task is set up on the Data Processor's desktop.
  • The VBScript is located here: X:\Eds_Master_data\Eds_AND_raw_push_to_x_schedule.vbs
  • The log file is located here: X:\Eds_Master_data\data_push.log
  • Note that X:\ is mapped to: \\Hsc1msfp0001\med_ccmed\

How often does it run?

Runs Each Weekday at 2130 hrs


The task is setup to run only if logged on. Password change was forgotten for several weeks, so decided it's better that way. Pagasa leaves her PC running over night these days.

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