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Stop Date

June 2014

What is it?

Is a VBS script that copies specific DAT files and EXPORTED raw files from local PC (usually the data processor's) to X:

Location of vbs script


Location of Log file

none exists yet.

what does it do?

ICU files from Data Processor's local C

  1. C:\TMSX\data - TO X:\Eds_Master_data\ICU
    • Specific files copied from this folder:
      • Apache.dat
      • Lab.dat
      • pharmacy.dat
      • Registryx.dat
      • TISS.dat
    • special note: TISS.data is no longer updated to TMSX. Only edits of older data may be done there. TISS for ICU is now stored on X:\TISS28\Database\TISS28_Data.mdb. The elements of TISS on X are different than the elements of TISS in TMSX.
  2. C:\CCData\rawdata - TO X:\PAGASA\CCData\rawdata

MED files from Data Processor's local C

  1. C:\MEDTMS\data TO: X:\Eds_Master_data\MED
    • Specific files copied from this folder:
      • MedTMS\data\ADL.dat
      • apache.dat
      • iTISS.dat
      • lab.dat
      • Pharmacy.dat
      • REGISTRYX.dat
      • SAPSII.dat
      • SapXtra.dat
    • Special note: iTISS is not longer being collected in Medicine but master is still in MedTMS
  2. C:\MedData\rawdata TO: X:\PAGASA\MedData\rawdata

Related Process

Scheduled Task

This batch file script has also been set up as and automated Scheduled Task on Data Processor's desktop. See: Eds_AND_raw_push_to_x_scheduled.vbs