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This article provides information on how to request patient charts from Medical Records at the Grace. It is part of the GRA General Collection Guide.

Med Records at GRA

There is limited space to work in Medical Records and the cubicles are shared among physicians, medical examiners, and staff with the organ and tissue donation programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the cubicles along the wall have also been limited to 2 work spaces to allow for physical distancing.

Medical Records has graciously allowed us to remove the necessary charts to bring them back to our office for data entry. They have our contact information will call us in the event they require a chart we are working on. Mindy has brought from home 2 collapsible carts that she has generously shared them with the Data Collectors here to allow us to comfortably retrieve a large number of charts to work on throughout the day.

As of December 2020 Medical Records has relocated to the old Grace Hospital Library, accessing it via the old cafeteria.

Requesting charts

Grace Hospital has the most accommodating Health Records Department possible; collectors are permitted to pull our own charts prn for use in the Health Records Dept., but are expected to return them from whence they came as well. If you need to remove a chart from the dept, please report so to one of the clerks so it can be accounted for in their system. If you are unable to find a chart it will usually turn up within 24 hours, as it has just gone visiting to Home Care or AMC etc., however longer than that requires that you check with one of the clerks as to its whereabouts. Charts have been known to go missing and never be seen again.....

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