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Location HSC D5
First Admission 2020-03-19
Program Medicine
Hospital HSC
Nr of Beds
Collection Unit Phone:
Collection Unit Fax :
Collection Unit Manager :
Collection Unit Manager Phone :
Collection Unit Clerk :

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Location profile

Population focused upon

  • Discharge Planning
  • Muscle De-conditioning needing PT/OT/Home Care prior to D/C
  • Panelling process: Geri-Patient assessments MMSE assessments for determination of LTC(Long-Term Care)placement/s
  • Behavior mapping for LTC population with violent behaviors
  • Long -term IV Antibiotic therapy for those not suitable for CIVP(Community IV Program)
  • Palliation for patients who are unable to access Hospice Care/Beds
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
  • Also has stable acute care medicine patients - if they become unstable usually they are transferred back to their original wards (A4, D4 or H4)or to High Obs unit or MICU if required.


  • Unit local 73757, fax 204-787-7039
  • Unit Manager is office: GD 507
    • also manager for HSC_CAU - (Nov 20.17)
  • Unit Clerks are N/As-and cover evenings now.

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