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This article contains information that is specific to HSC, but relates to all collectors at this site. See the following links for specific information:


Make sure you consider the yellow stat sheets for counting Antibiotics in Pharmacy collection.

If patients are transferred to the wards the medication records may be in the nurses Mar binder or in a thinned chart. The ward clerks will help locate these thinned charts.


Blood Products given in ICU might be documented in several parts of the chart, including the intake and output section of the CCFS, the medication record, the order sheets and the blood administration record. Compare these to get the most accurate data.

see Blood Product Data.

Thinned Charts

This is a big problem at HSC. Patients are transferred to different areas often and the chart doesn't follow the patient in many cases. Notify the ward clerk of the unit the patient is located that part of the chart is missing. If it is still missing after the clerk has attempted to locate it then ask for the clerk to call medical records for any recent volumes. In some cases the chart has gone down to med records in error instead of following the patient. Patients transferred to RR5 get the whole chart sent to medical records to be assembled and then returned to that ward. If your patient gets transferred to RR5 you may have to wait until the bound volume returns.

Mask, hand sanitizer and wipes

Please contact p:Lisa Kaita or p:Pagasa Torres who keep a list of which supplies order from HSC managers. If manager and or Pagasa is away, please contact the local covering manager.

Dialysis Form

Patients admitted at HSC and receiving hemodialysis treatments have a stamp placed in the IPN as well as a written note by the HD nurse, with details of their HD treatment.

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