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This article contains collection information specific to the IICU at HSC.

Please make sure you document information at the most general level that is applicable, i.e. don't code something that affects all collection at HSC in the program or unit level articles.

See the following for more general information:

Ward contacts


Unit admission log book and other paperwork

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

The admission log book is located on the shelf behind the main desk.

Completed TISS28 sheets are kept in a white test binder on the shelf behind the main desk.

TISS sheets of patients still in the unit are kept on the clipboards at the bedside.

  • Make sure they are numbered and dated correctly, as this often gets mixed up on these long-stay patients.

Thinned charts and CCFS are kept in large black binders on the shelf behind the main desk.

Workload Sharing for HSC_IICU

  • Since the IICU census has increased to 8 beds, we are dividing the workload as follows:
    • laptops ICUA and ICUD take 3 patients.
    • laptop ICUB takes 2 patients.
Could someone pls update that list to the new Laptop identifiers H7, h8, h9? I didn't just do it because want to be sure the most current numbers are used, if there were changes. 
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
      • Once a patient is discharged from IICU, the collector following that patient will admit a new one.
        • The process is to check the IICU census on EPR every shift worked.
        • If one patient is no longer in IICU, the collector following that patient will enter the new admission on their laptop manually.
      • This is different than described in HSC ICU workload splitting due to the long-stay nature of IICU patients.

Work Space

Work space in IICU is limited.

Collectors may use the small computer desk or one of the side desks used by nurses, if available.

  • Rounds takes place in the morning, so the best time to work in IICU is in the afternoons.
  • Collectors may take the large black binders (containing thinned charts and CCFS) to their office for review and to check TISS sheets, but make sure to let the CRN or the bedside nurse know. This was confirmed by the manager and CRN in IICU.

Coding in IICU

Additional Info

All IICU patients are entered as "medical" under Admit Type for APACHE II, even if they are admitted from SICU.

Other HSC site specific info

see Category: Health Sciences Center Office

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