ICU Acquired Sepsis

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Number of Septic-Sepsis cases per 1000 ICU patient days

Indicator: ICU Acquired Sepsis
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Program: Critical Care
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Nothing was listed in your power point, what is the significance?

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Sampling Plan / Procedure

100 % of all patients will be monitored for acquired Septic_Sepsis.

  • which dxs are used?
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  • Recorded once per patient
  • On quarterly basis based on discharge dates, tabulate the number of cases on acquired and total number of patient days or Total ICU_LOS in LOS per Service

Definition and Derivation

Number of Septic_Sepsis cases per 1000 ICU patient days


Number of new ICU Septic_Sepsis acquired cases


Just to be clear, is it number of cases (possibly >1 per pt) or once per pt as mentioned above?

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Total ICU_LOS in LOS per Service

Data Sources

  • Starting 2019, Septic_Sepsis is part of the ICD10 collection with codes R57.2, R65.0, R65.1 under the Acquired Diagnosis / Complication.
  1. Sepsis (SIRS due to infection, without acute organ failure)
  2. Severe sepsis
  3. Shock, septic
  • Before 2019, Septic_Sepsis include Septic Shock (old code 44) and Severe Sepsis (old code 45) and saved in table L_Dxs

SAS Program

  • The SAS program to get the Septic_Sepsis is X:\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\
  • The SAS program to get the LOS is X:\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\ and ( or )

Report Users

Critical Care Directors, Critical Care Unit Managers and WRHA Outcome Improvement Team Committee

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