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  • The purpose of this article is to track the process of catching up with HSC medicine lab downloading which is backlog to September 2008.
  • Once the goal is achieved to "catch up" this article will be relegated to legacy category.
  • Dr. Roberts had advised Trish that he wanted the lab downloading at HSC for medicine to continue.
  • Pagasa has been instructed to incorporate lab downloading for medicine with her weekly appending tasks, which is the same as ICU. Lab downloading for Medicine will no long accumulate. Pagasa must advise if she cannot maintain this weekly process. This started first week of March, 2009.
  • A "catch up" process was established to fit in with the daily and weekly priority data processing tasks.
  • Kea is only on one office data processing computer, this makes it a problem to access downloading. Kea will be put on a second computer in the main office this week.
  • The task of downloading was timed. It take an average of 53 second per patient.
  • 3229 pts to catch up = 47.5 hours.
  • Pagasa and Sheila must allocate 7-8 hour per week to the download backlog to catch up. Sheila 4 - 5 hours, Pagasa 2-3 hours in addition to other tasks.

*GOAL: eliminate backlog in 6-7 weeks.

Hours per week updates

47.5 hours in 6-7 weeks

  • record hours dedicated to catch up each week:
    1. March 9-13, TOTAL: 8 hours (Pagasa & Sheila) (39.5 hours remaining)
    2. March 16-20,TOTAL: 7 hours (Pagasa) (32.5 hour remaining)
    3. March 23-27, TOTAL: 10 hrs (Sheila, Mar 23 & 27) (22.5 remaining)
    4. March 30 to Apr 3: TOTAL: 10.25 hours (Pagasa; Apr 2-6.5 hrs/ Sheila; Apr 3-3.75hrs = 10.25 hrs) (12.25 hrs remaining)
    5. Apr 6-10: TOTAL: 6 hours (Sheila April 6th -starting November YAY!!) (6.25 hrs remaining from original estimate)
    6. Apr 13-17: Sheila April 15th- 5hrs (end of Nov) (NOTE: TOTAL of 914 files left to go so approx. another 13.5 hrs! We are fairly close to our estimated time of completion)
    7. May 25th: YAY :) We are totally up to date on medicine lab downloading.
  • Job well done. Way to go team!!TOstryzniuk 15:07, 25 May 2009 (CDT)