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The DSM Lab Extract is a set of data we receive from Diagnostic Services of Manitoba. It is requested and processed by DSM Labs Consistency check.accdb and stored in the L_Labs_DSM table. It is requested via Instructions for requesting a batch of data from DSM and imported via Instructions for importing a batch of DSM Data. See DSM data for more info on the data once imported.

Things we still want to implement/fix

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

DSM Inclusion Criteria/ Process

  • Must Match using the PHIN and/or Chart (provided and/or modified)
    • There is an issue that the Chart format (i.e. without leading zeroes) at SBGH being provided to the #DSM Contacts is not the same with SH format. Because of this, then #DSM Contacts needs to add a step of adding 1x 0 or 2x 00 before the chart number to all SBGH records to help improve the matched results and refer to them as modified MRN.
      • The database will move to a new platform and the idea of changing the current Chart to the SH format on the new platform came up. Needs to be discussed further if to be implemented.
  • Date range
    • The minimum timestamp across all timestamps within the test, and across all tests within the request must >= admitted timestamp minus 2x days
    • The maximum timestamp across all timestamps within the test, and across all tests within the request must <= discharge timestamp plus 2x days
  • Must include all tests performed.

Known Issues


There might be some inconsistencies in how the labs are re-linked to patients who arrive as Jon Doe or have aliases in PHIN or Chart for other reason. If we want to include all patients with Aliases, we will need to do something to reconcile with Alias ID collection.

Unmatched Cases

The patients with aliases when the list was earlier sent will be known after receiving back the extracted Lab because they will be included to the unmatched cases in addition to those who have real no lab data. Below is the action to take:

  • Patients with LOS < 1day will be accepted as no lab data.
  • Patients with LOS >= 1 day - 5 random samples will be cross checked in EPR by the Data Processor if indeed have no Lab Data. if any lab data is found, then check the PHIN or CHART if there are any changes (or a case with aliases).
    • Re-check some more samples as time permits and do the same step above.
    • Any unmatched records confirmed having labs present in the crosschecking will be re-send together in the next batch of sending.

Requesting data

A file is exported to #File Share, and we ask #DSM Contacts to provide a new extract. See Instructions for requesting a batch of data from DSM for details.

Actions by DSM

DSM will take our file and generate an output of all labs for those patients for the admission. They will return it to us via the file share.

Processing data received from DSM


File Share


DSM Contacts

  • main contact: Alun Carter
  • Loretta Eng 9261406 Leng @ dsmanitoba.CA

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