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The Critical Care program counts labs, blood products, x-rays, and other tests.

Data Acquisition

Collection in CCI

See Converting Lab Counts to CCI.

Extract from DSM

Some data is extracted from DSM. See Category:DSM Labs Extract for more info.

  • Can we try to have blood gas results uploaded to EPR at the GGH? currently the blood gas results are transcribed from the lab report to a flowsheet. Often there are missing gases on either the flow sheet or hard copies of the lab report, this is time consuming for the collector to reconcile. Blood gases are uploaded to EPR for GGH ER and there was some talk about doing this some time ago. The manager for GGH repiratory is Ingrid Murphy Lisa Kaita 12:25, 2021 October 26 (CDT)
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  • Cargo

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Potential: RIS/PACS extract

We have sporadically tried to organize Direct Data Access for RIS/PACS for medical imaging data.

Legacy: Manual Data Collector Collection

Collectors use instructions in Lab Collection Process to do this.

Data use


Used for research project only so far. Requests are usually for specific lab test items: Dr. Kumar (all lab data, if he using all, don't know), Dr. Manjit, Dr. Garland, Dr. Bell(Blood products).


As per Statistician, Labs are not reported in any regular periodic quarterly or fiscal year reports.

Data Structure

The data is stored in the L_Labs_Flowsheet, L_Labs_DSM table and the CCI tables in the CCMDB.accdb and in Centralized_data.mdb.

Legacy Data

see Category:Legacy Labs