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Legacy info as of 2016-07-01; see Off ward field new info

MED Var 5: OVZ is used in the following ways:

  • see OVER for details how to put OVZ to code for STB, VIC and GRA medicine
  • not used anywhere else as of 2016-03-16

Data Structure

See Category:Variable_codes_1_to_6 for details

Legacy Data


Med Var 5: was used at the Vic to help track all the Code Purple patients admitted to off service areas. We now use the locations EMIP and OVER and ER Wait to track the off service medicine patients.

  • Tag start date: unknown
  • Tag stop date: Nov 1.07 stopped (elsewhere it said "stopped July")

VIC MED Options for Med Var 5 are OVERs:

  • S2 - VMU overflow to Surg bed
  • N4 - VMU overflow to Family Med
  • ICU - VMU overflow to ICU bed
  • N6 - VMU overflow to psych bed

Deleted from CCMDB.accdb Ttenbergen 18:13, 2012 September 6 (CDT)


Var 5 was used at StB to tag medicine service patient overflow onto these wards. SEE: Legacy STB MED Overflow Coding Process Chart

  • Tag start date: January 1, 2007
  • Tag stop date: unknown
  • Var Option Hosp
  • 5 A5
  • 5 A6 STB
  • 5 E6 STB (B5 moved to E6 Oct 14.09 and B4 moved into ward B5 (5B) Nov 17.06 so E6 no longer overflow code. See: Site and Location table for dates.

Deleted from CCMDB.accdb Ttenbergen 18:13, 2012 September 6 (CDT)