Processes around changing a PatientFollow assignment

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Patients are assigned to collectors using the PatientFollow Project. This page explains what needs to happen when an assignment is changed. The collector/laptop that used to collect a number needs to phase out that number, the collector/laptop who gains that number needs to start them, and we need to be sure that Julie will report on them continuously. We need a process where the time frame for the transition is limited.

Since PatientFollow Project assignments are based on the Service Start DtTm (collected as Service tmp entry), the transition is based on of the Service Start/Change dttms.

Process for collectors

CSS will show records based on the dates of the assignment change and the dates of the service change. No action should be required from collectors to make this happen.

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Process for CCMDB.mdb to change assignments

The S PatientFollow distribution table needs to be updated to set an ending time for the earlier laptop. A new line needs to be added for the later laptop, with the same start DtTm as the end DtTm for the earlier one.

If more than one or two need changing, this can be confusing if done manually in the table, an easier way is to copy-paste the relevant cells into Excel and use it's propagating function and then paste the result.

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