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Active?: planned
Program: Med
Requestor: Dr. Rachel Fainstein
Collection start:
Collection end:

Discharge Summary & Discharge Medication Prescription form audit


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if this ever goes life we need to include Category:Site Specific Collection Guide

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Site and Location to be included

  • HSC_H4
  • HSC_D4
  • HSC_A4
  • HSC_H4H
  • HSC_B3
  • (not HSC_D5)

Project run time

  • 6 months

Implementation notes

Note: will be short two staff at Christmas and through Jan due to retirement and staff movement. A4 and H4 will be vacant. We will only be able to collect on D4 and B3. I will email Rachel to tell her we can start the project early but only on these two wards, if this is what she wants.

  • 2019_Dec_9: Rachel would minimally like both HSC D4 and H4 to start together. Will have to wait until staff are hired which is in progress.Trish Ostryzniuk 14:53, 2020 January 17 (CST)
  • 2019_Jan - Karen Samson wants to be notified when we start so she can approve. Email to her and JWT was pending, subject to filling vacancies. Trish Ostryzniuk 12:50, 2020 January 21 (CST)


Collect baseline information to be used to inform a quality improvement project. The medicine program is trying to improve the rate of sending the discharge info to the primary care provider.

From the baseline data, implement a process change and then track the rate of improvement overtime with process change.

Reporting cycle

Would like the data on a weekly or biweekly basis, if possible, to allow rapid cycle improvements.

I could set up a query in CFE to dump this to keep it off Julie's desk. This user might find speed more important than quality? If needed, let me know. 
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Collection Instructions

Population: HSC Medicine patients except D5 (ie for A4, H4, D4, , H4H, B3)

For the discharge information sheet:

  • an entry with Project DischargeDocu and item SummNotYetEntered will be automatically created for new patients
  • enter Item as appropriate
    • SummMissing
    • SummComplete - if complete but not faxed
    • SummFaxed - if complete and faxed
  • enter comment if there was an important observation

For the Medication Prescription forms

  • an entry with Project DischargeDocu and item MedsNotYetEntered will be automatically created for new patients
  • enter Item as appropriate
    • MedsMissing
    • MedsComplete - if complete but not faxed
    • MedsFaxed - if complete and faxed
  • enter comment if there was an important observation

Will this documentation be retained once chart leaves ward, eg in Medical Records?

Will these documents be retained on charts once they hit med records? 
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Rejected component of request

Rachel also want us to track if teaching or nonteaching. We are not able to track that.

Data Use

Information will be provided by our statistician to physicians for further analysis.

  • Dr. Rachel Fainstein

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query s tmp apostrophe in commentCCMDB.accdbimplemented

SAS Program

The SAS program to read the data can be found in


pls fill in once you set it up

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