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Active?: legacy
Program: CC
Collection start: 2003
Collection end: 2006

This page contains sparse legacy information we brought in from the old R_Filter Field when it was decommissioned.

  • H/B/HB/BH (HSC CCU at H7, B3 or both) – 1100 records from 2003 – 2006 at HSC CCU
  • looks like this is similar to Boarding Loc except without start dates and only location. I think better to make a separate project than add to current Boarding Loc since these had older data (maybe name the project as HSC CCU Location) --JMojica 14:55, 2022 August 29 (CDT)

Field use

  • Project: Project Legacy HSC CCU Loc
  • Item: H, B, HB or BH
  • Not used: start_dt and start_tm, integer, float, checkbox, comment

Data Transition

INSERT INTO L_TmpV2 ( D_ID, Project, Item, D_Tmp_ID )
SELECT L_Log.D_ID, "Legacy HSC CCU Location" AS Project, L_Log.R_Filter AS Item, [D_ID] & "-LHCCULoc_imp" AS D_Tmp_ID
WHERE (((L_Log.R_Filter) In ("H","B","HB","BH")));

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