Query NDC Postal Code over time

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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Cross check of postal codes for consistency during a continuous hospital admission
Related: Postal Code field
Firmness: hard check
App: Centralized data front end.accdb
Coding: query NDC_Postal_Code_over_time
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: implemented
Implementation Date: 2020-01-09
Backlogged: true

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We compare the consistency of Postal Code field during a continuous hospital admission. Also see query NDC_Bad_Postal_Code.

CFE Data Integrity Checks Steps

Comparisons are done after vetting via NDC query NDC_Postal_Code_over_time in CFE.

  • Steps will be:

Start Date

2020-01-09 Cleaning to start from the beginning of 2017

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