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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Cross check of postal codes against known postal codes
Related: Postal Code field
Firmness: hard check
App: Centralized data front end.accdb
Coding: query NDC_Bad_Postal_Code
Uses L Problem table: not entered
Status: implemented
Implementation Date: 2014-09-24
Backlogged: true

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We cross-check the postal codes we collect as part of Postal Code field collection against a list of known-good postal codes. Also see query NDC_Postal_Code_over_time.

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You mentioned that you occasionally got patients with letters rather than numbers; if that happens again, pls let me know.

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CFE Data Integrity Checks Steps

Comparisons are done as part of vetting via NDC query NDC_Bad_Postal_Code in CFE. Steps will be:

  • if the patient has Province = Manitoba or CF :
    1. check the postal code in EPR, correct if different than ours
    2. if same as ours, check the address in EPR against Canada Post Postal Codes;
  • if the patient is from any other province:
    • if the Postal Code's first letter is not for the province where the patient lives you need to check EPR or internet to put the correct Postal code
    • If the first letter is appropriate for province but triggers because it's not in the master list, then register the D_ID with Known data errors with query name "NDC_Bad_Postal_Code"
  • if the patient has Province = (US or NK or OS) there should be no postal code so query should not trigger at all

update to Table Postal_Code_Master

  1. Open Table Postal_Code_Master
  2. update/add code
    • you only need to fill in the fields PCode, rhaname, RHA_Acronym and town, we will eliminate the other fields.

File Locations

old master imports can be found at X:\CCMDB\z_archive\PostalCode

Where was it obtained

integrated with

Wikipedia Postal codes listings across Canada

Wikipedia, Postal codes in Canada

  • at the top of the article shows the the first letter that a postal code starts with for a province.

Map showing first letter used in postal codes across Canada

RHA Listings

Start Date

2014-09-29 Cleaning to start end of August 2016


  • 2021-01-27 - changed query to only look at the last year of data to make it faster; any older records were already fixed

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