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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Confirm that a Category:Labs Imaging count is not unreasonably high
Related: Blood gas, venous, Blood gas, arterial, CXR (plain film), Angiogram, aortic (any part of aorta), Angiogram, coronary (diagnostic cardiac catheterization), ECHO (echocardiogram of heart), Cardiac CT or Cardiac CT angiogram (with or without coronary arteries), Cardiac MRI, Cardiac nuclear scan (e.g. MUGA), Angiogram, cerebral (including vertebral arteries), CT of chest with PE protocol (CT angiogram of pulmonary vessels), Angiogram, artery NOS (except specifically coded), Angiogram, vein, Angiogram, pulmonary artery (pulmonary arteriogram), AXR (abdominal plain X-ray), LOS
Firmness: soft check
Timing: complete
App: CCMDB.accdb
Coding: query check_CCI_each_count_vs_LOS
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: needs review
Implementation Date: not entered
Backlogged: No
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We have had some CCI count entries that are so high that they are likely errors.

CCI codes considered

 CodeCollection mode
Blood gas, venous2.ZZ.13.RACCI collect count each
Blood gas, arterial2.ZZ.13.RECCI collect count each
CXR (plain film)3.GY.10.VACCI collect count each
AXR (abdominal plain X-ray)3.OT.10.VACCI collect count each
Angiogram, aortic (any part of aorta)3.ID.10.V^CCI collect each
Angiogram, pulmonary artery (pulmonary arteriogram)3.IM.10.V^CCI collect each
Angiogram, coronary (diagnostic cardiac catheterization)3.IP.10.V^CCI collect each
Cardiac CT or Cardiac CT angiogram (with or without coronary arteries)3.IP.20CCI collect each
ECHO (echocardiogram of heart)3.IP.30CCI collect each
Cardiac MRI3.IP.40CCI collect each
Cardiac nuclear scan (e.g. MUGA)3.IP.70CCI collect each
Angiogram, cerebral (including vertebral arteries)3.JM.10.V^CCI collect each
CT of chest with PE protocol (CT angiogram of pulmonary vessels)3.JY.20CCI collect each
Angiogram, artery NOS (except specifically coded)3.KV.10.VXCCI collect each
Angiogram, vein3.KX.10.VCCCI collect each


This uses Function LOS() to calculate the LOS.

CCI collect count each and CCI collect each

These should be checked.

CCI collect count days

Implemented by query check_CCI_vs_LOS_count_days_component and query check_CCI_vs_LOS_count_days_picklist.

CCI collect count units

Discussed with Julie that this one is likely uncheckable. Ttenbergen 15:47, 2021 September 2 (CDT)


  • 2024-04-24 -
    • implemented LOS <7 and count >10 (i.e. double digits, because that's a likely fumble finger mistake)
    • initially this was supposed to be for CXR, then general imaging, now all sorts of CCI entries
  • 2022-02-10 - confirmed that this would not be affected by the change of including a time in the Px Date
  • 2022-01-19 - Julie confirmed that we don't need to check this per Boarding Loc - per profile is enough (especially since it's a soft check)

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