Blood gas, arterial

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CCI Picklist
Procedure: Blood gas, arterial
CCI Picklist code: 2.ZZ.13.RE
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect count each
Start Date:
Stop Date:

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection via CCI Picklist.

Additional Info

No longer collected manually at HSC and STB

  • See Legacy content below for more info
  • Grace must continue to collect manually because data is not available from DSM.

Collecting "CCI collect count each" items

Blood gas, arterial, and Blood gas, venous are only collected manually at the Grace, at HSC or STB they are automatically uploaded from DSM Lab Extract.

Px Date for patients who move

See Px Date#Moves

Alternate CCIs to consider coding instead or in addition

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Data Integrity Checks (automatic list)

Query check CCI each count vs LOSCCMDB.accdbneeds review

Legacy Content

This page contains Legacy Content.
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Collection stop at HSC/STB

  • Manual collection at HSC and STB only stopped 2019-Dec-18 for all records on laptops at that time, regardless of level of completion. Data imported from DSM Lab Extract retrospectively.

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