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AXR (abdominal plain X-ray) +3.OT.10.VA  +
Amniocentesis (non-imaging diagnostic) +5.AB.02  +
Angiogram, aortic (any part of aorta) +3.ID.10.V^  +
Angiogram, artery NOS (except specifically coded) +3.KV.10.VX  +
Angiogram, cerebral (including vertebral arteries) +3.JM.10.V^  +
Angiogram, coronary (diagnostic cardiac catheterization) +3.IP.10.V^  +
Angiogram, pulmonary artery (pulmonary arteriogram) +3.IM.10.V^  +
Angiogram, vein +3.KX.10.VC  +
Angioplasty, coronary (with stenting) +1.IJ.50.GQ-OA  +
Angioplasty, coronary (without stenting) +1.IJ.50.GQ-BD  +
Arterial catheterization, any location +1.KV.53.HA-FT  +
Arthrocentesis, diagnostic +2.WZ.71  +
BMT (Bone marrow transplant or transfusion) +1.WY.19  +
BiPAP, CPAP, NIV, own ventilator (Mechanical ventilation, noninvasive) +1.GZ.31.CB-ND  +
Blank procedure entry +X3  +
Blood gas, arterial +2.ZZ.13.RE  +
Blood gas, venous +2.ZZ.13.RA  +
Bronchial thermoplasty +1.GM.07  +
CPR, cardiac resuscitation +1.HZ.30  +
CRRT (incl volume removal via PRISMA device) +1.PZ.21.HQ-BS  +
CT of chest with PE protocol (CT angiogram of pulmonary vessels) +3.JY.20  +
CVC placement, any location +1.IS.53.^^-LF  +
CXR (plain film) +3.GY.10.VA  +
Cardiac CT or Cardiac CT angiogram (with or without coronary arteries) +3.IP.20  +
Cardiac MRI +3.IP.40  +