Query check tmp ER Boarding Loc should exist if from ER

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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: For patients with Previous Location ER at same site there should be a Boarding Loc ER.
Related: Boarding Loc, Previous Location
Firmness: soft check
Timing: always
App: CCMDB.accdb
Coding: query check_tmp_ER_Boarding_Loc_should_exist_if_from_ER; function from_ER(); query check_pt_from_ER
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: declined
Implementation Date: 2021-01-15
Backlogged: No
  • Cargo

  • SMW

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The converse is not true, exceptions:

  • a patient could board in ER after admission, e.g. GRA ICU uses their ER
  • Direct admit


We found that there are too many reasonable scenarios where this check triggered, so we stopped running it.


  • 2023-01-12 - disabled check
  • 2021-09-07 - turned from hard check to soft check since this is possible after a collection rule change some time ago
  • 2021-01-15 - check implemented

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