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Direct admissions are patients who are accepted from another site (within region or from out-of-town) and come directly to the next site.

These patients can go straight to the accepting ward at the second site, or they can be admitted via the ER.

Collection Instruction

  • It seems to me that there really are no special collection instructions for these at all. Those rules are all the same as they would be for non-direct-admits, right? If so, we shouldn't have any special instructions here, and just say that regular collection instructions apply. Otherwise, if we make any change in the regular instructions, this will become lost. The one part that might be relevant is the Visit Admit = Service... If there is a mistake in EPR we would presumably expect the collector to edit the service to coincide with the Visit Admit? Since Julie would likely use that equality to detect the pt as direct admit? Ttenbergen 09:55, 2021 September 8 (CDT)

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Data use / Reporting

What reports use this?

inter facility transfers report (semi annual and Fiscal year) given to Critical Care Admin Director and Quality Officer.

  • Patient Flow - where patient were have been admitted FROM

How is it used?

  • To distinguish the reason of transfer due to bed management reason
  • To distinguish the reason of transfer due Medical Necessity reason
  • To determine the flow of patients from teaching hospital to teaching hospital, teaching to community, community to teaching, community to community, from outside city/province facility to regional hospital.

Data to be Reported

  • above it seems to say these no longer need to be via ED, or does the report still only list the ED ones? Ttenbergen 09:58, 2021 September 8 (CDT)
  • I think we might want to mention here that we capture these by Visit Admit = first service (or however else we do it) since we don't list a data based definition yet.
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories
  • Counts for Inpatient direct admit
    • Site Ward via ED
    • Site ICU via ED
  • Counts For Non Inpatient direct Admit (e.g. Emergency, Ambulatory Clinic, PCH, Home, Nursing Station)
    • Site Emergency via ED
    • Site Ambulatory via ED
    • PCH via ED
    • Home via ED
    • Nursing Station via ED
  • Time spent at ED before transfer to Ward or ICU


Collection for this was changed as part of the 2016 Time and Place changes.

This used to be relevant to ER Wait and ICU Var 4 - Parked in ER, Parked in ER tmp entry.

This used to be collected as Parked in ER tmp entry, and prior to that as <hosp> - ER (parked) entries in s_dispo table. Changed as of PatientFollow_Project#Transition_dates .

Content of the article was deleted 2016-06-30 so it doesn't inadvertently show up in searches. See article history if needed.

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