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This article contains that is specific to St Boniface, but relates to all collectors at the site.

See the following for program/unit specific information:

office supplies storage

  • printer paper and other office supplies are in the large brown cupboard in N4069 the ICU Collection office.

Corona pandemic specific info

All staff must enter the hospital through the Everett Atrium.

  • no direct entry via the Nursing Education Building, although exit is allowed
  • access to the Asper Centre for CR5/ICCS/CICU and CR4/CSIU is allowed via the internal skywalk

Wipes, Hand sanitizer, Printer Paper

For supplies contact: Leah Strong - Administrative Assistant, to Sarah Gilchrist, Director, Critical Care, Education Services & Respiratory Therapy

  • St. Boniface Hospital Rm: N2038, 409 Tache Ave
  • P: (204) 237-2232
  • F: (204) 231-0971
  • Email:
    • If Leah is away you can contact:
      • Jacqueline Guigueno, Secretary, Education Services
      • STB Boniface Hospital Rm. N2040 – St. Boniface Hospital
      • P: 204-237-2231
      • F: 204-231-4065
      • Email:

Hand Sanitizer and Wipe supply - date picked up and by who

  • there are instructions on where to send the empty bottle to be refilled (instructions up on board in ICU office). Debbie was to pick up that info for office from Leah in May.
  • March 31.20 - Leah Strong dropped off in ICU office only
  • Follow up April 1 Med office staff informed that no supplies will be provided for Med office and Med office staff to share supplies kept in ICU office
  • May 14.20 - Debbie picked up from Leah's office supplies provided for ICU office only
  • June 16.20 - Allyson picked up disinfecting wipes from Leah's office for medicine office.

General STB Specific Information

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