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Generally data collection is not done from home, but we started to do this during the COVID-19 pandemic and needed a space to document the process. See #Approval to work from home.

Ongoing info for collectors

Changing passwords

At least one collector has been unable to connect to the network after changing the password from home. Changing the passwords from home is known to cause problems occasionally because, once you change the password on the laptop, the change has to propagate to all the different network resources incl. EPR and the login to your extended office.

Preferred option: If you bring your laptop in occasionally anyway, then do the password change from work early in the day so all the changes can trickle down while you are connected and you avoid problems.

Alternative option: If you need to do the change from home:

  • do it at the beginning of your shift and when you expect to have your laptop connected for an extended period
  • log into your laptop
  • connect to WRHA network via extended office
  • change your password (ctrl-alt-del, change a password)
  • go to Regional Server\maintenance\ (full address: \\\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\maintenance\) and double-click on Gpupdate.bat - this will accelerate to some degree getting the passwords pushed where they need to go; it will run for a few minutes, but you can leave it in the background and use your programs while it does

Sending is slow

Slow sending increases probability of send collisions. Winging it for now, might need to set times for individuals.

Specifics for process changes per site

We need to have people check mail etc occasionally. For now, site/program specific info is in

Initial info for setting this up

Approval to work from home

As of 2020-04 work from home can only be done on an exception basis, currently due to COVID. STB can do most of their work from home due clinical documentation on EPR, other would only be able to do ~25% of their work from home so are not approved for this for now.

  • What forms need filling? Space requirements? Responsibility for records? Anything else?
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Extended office

How to apply to eHealth and that each colletor who will work from home has to pull that certificate while still at work

Extended office will kick you off at times. It doesn't necessarily tell you when that happens, but email and connection to server will stop working. You can see if you are connected by looking for the Netscaler Gateway Icon.png (your background might be different) in the bottom right corner of your screen. If it's blue you are connected, if it's grey you are not. Also, you can hover over it and it will tell you. If you have been disconnected, just use the shortcut on your desktop again to re-connect.

Home office requirements

There was that link to security

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