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This article contains collection information specific to the Acute Cardiac Care Unit at St Boniface, STB_ACCU.

See also ACCU borrow, STB Cardiac Care patients.

Please make sure you document information at the most general level that is applicable, i.e. don't code something that affects all collection at StB in the program or unit level articles.

See the following for more general information:

Unit admission log book

The log book is no longer used to track admissions, see Using Cognos2 to keep track of patients.

Admission and discharges unit Log book is found at the Unit Ward Clerk Des

Ward Location

ACCU is located in SBGH on 5AW

Ward Contacts


Collector "base"

Admissions, Discharges and Transfers can be found the EPR.

Location of patient chart components

Most information is on EPR. There still are heart cath reports stored on paper but usually heart caths also are reported on EPR. Echo reports on paper chart.

Charting Note

The ACCU patient chart now only uses the ICU flow sheet.

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