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This article contains collection information specific to the Acute Cardiac Care Unit at St Boniface, STB_ACCU.

See also ACCU borrow, STB Cardiac Care patients.

Please make sure you document information at the most general level that is applicable, i.e. don't code something that affects all collection at StB in the program or unit level articles.

See the following for more general information:

Unit admission log book


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Admission and discharges unit Log book is found at the Unit Ward Clerk Desk.

There is another log book labelled "temp logbook" which has the list of patients that utilize beds in ACCU for a short period because it is outside of pre and post heart cath hours. The nurses need to recover the pts from a heart cath and then they are transferred to their respective hospital. These patients are not included in the database at STB and the receiving hospital should indicate that the pt came from the heart cath lab at STB (not ACCU).

Ward Location

ACCU is located in SBGH on 5AW

Until the new 10 Bed ACCU is fully staffed (currently only at 6 beds), ACCU has 2 dedicated beds in CICU (Asper 5th floor) and uses beds in MICU (E2)as well. In order to track and capture these patients, the admit/discharge logs on these wards must be checked each shift. The ward clerks for CICU and MICU are labeling the ACCU patients accordingly.

Ward Contacts


Collector "base"

Admissions, Discharges and Transfers can be found the EPR. Check these against the Log Book kept at the Ward Clerks desk. TISS sheets post discharge, are kept in a binder at the Ward Clerk's Desk. Rogue TISS sheets can sometimes be captured in the charts in the new patient location, in Medical Records, or have to be re-done if lost in transit. Review the TISS sheets and any paper chart components in ACCU at the bedside. This information is readily accessible early morning prior to 0700. Work surfaces in the new ACCU are very limited, so borrow a bedside table from an empty room and use this as a work surface. When finished, clean the bedside table and replace to original position. Computers are available in the Common Work Area across from the Main Desk. All other chart information is on EPR which can be reviewed in our office on the computer.

Location of patient chart components

Most information is on EPR. There still are heart cath reports stored on paper but usually heart caths also are reported on EPR. Echo reports on paper chart.

Charting Note

The ACCU patient chart now only uses the ICU flow sheet.

Patient exclusions


We do not enter patients into the database when the cath lab is recovering patients there (borrowing a bed). These pts are only in ACCU for post procedure care after an angio they send the patients to ACCU for recovery only when the pre and post angio area is closed, usually in the late evenings and nights.--LKolesar 12:12, 2014 July 25 (CDT)

Elective Cardioversion

When patients come to ACCU for an elective cardioversion only, they are not entered into the database. This is also a bed borrow.

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