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This article contains information specific to STB Medicine.

  • See STB General Collection Guide for general STB information such as: links to EPR, Mail room, medical records. Information also in regards to obtaining hand sanitizer, wipes, printer paper for collection offices.
  • See Medicine Curriculum for general information,

Please make sure you document information at the most general level that is applicable, i.e. don't code something that affects all collection at StB in the program or unit level articles.

  • The Respiratory service admits patients to B5 under the SBGH Internal Med / Respiratory service. The number of beds that are occupied by these patients can fluctuate from day to day and as such so will the census for medicine patients that are admitted to B5. We do NOT collect data on the patients admitted under the respiratory service.
  • When a patient is discharged to B5 under the respiratory service the Dispo field should be STB_Ward, similarly if you admit a patient from B5 that was under the respiratory service the Admit from should be STB_ward
  • We do collect nephrology patients that are admitted to B5.

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STB Swing Beds

  • STB Swing Bed entries are "bed" records within a "unit" in EPR/Cognos. They are not beds or locations but conceptual service location and time entries used for patient moves. This data causes a patient record to show up in Cognos/CUS as having arrived on a unit even when the pt has not actually arrived, and it isn't visible in our listings whether the record is for a swing or real bed.
  • Since any CUS entry at STB may be either a swing bed or a real bed, service locations and times need review.

For Medicine, the swing bed entries will often be obvious as the unit stays will be a matter of minutes If a CUS entry is for a swing bed, manually exclude using the "exclude" button

Location of information

See Visit Admit DtTm field for further information

Boarding Loc

see STB_Medicine_workload_splitting#Boarding_Locs

STB Medicine workload splitting

STB Medical Records requests

  • Not needed for STB Medicine Program collection


Use EPR vital signs to collect the Medicine items for Apache

Office and staff

see Category:St Boniface Hospital Office (Medicine)

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