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This article contains collection information specific to the STB CICU (cardiac sciences) at St Boniface. The name that is used for this unit at STB is ICCS (Intensive Care Cardiac Surgery) or CR5 which is on the fifth floor of the Asper Building.

Please make sure you document information at the most general level that is applicable, i.e. don't code something that affects all collection at StB in the program or unit level articles.

See the following for more general information:

Unit admission log book and white board


Is the following still true or relevant with new processes? :

  • The unit admission log book is kept at the main desk in front of where the ward clerk sits along with a binder to keep the completed TISS
  • Check the white board every day for those patients who will likely be transferred out to the ward that day. If they are on the transfer list you may want to pull the tiss sheet before they get transferred.
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Entering of patients before they are accepted

see also STB_CICU Admissions start at Arrive_DtTm

ICCS pts can be entered before they are actually in the unit as most are elective surgeries, & you can tell via EPR when they have gone to the OR, and then assume they will be coming post-op. Very occasionally, if the pt. expires in the OR or is sent to another unit post-op, and is therefore not admitted to ICCS, and if you have done a news & backup +/or sent files with this profile, you will have to delete the profile on the laptop and notify the Data Processor that this has occurred.

Pts in Swing beds are not entered

Pts entered into ICCS swing beds are not entered into the database as this is only a temporary location, and is not an accurate reflection of whether or not the pt is coming to ICCS. The use of swing beds is only an entry into the computer so as to allow the unit to access the patient's EPR information.

CR4 (Cardiac Surgery Inpatient Unit)

Most patients that leave CICU go to this ward. When you are going there to retrieve chart data you will find that the last CICU flow sheet is usually found on the door of the patient's room. The charts are found at the desk. Pink TISS sheets that have not been removed from the chart upon discharge from ICCS will remain on the chart on CR4.

CICU contacts

If you have questions ask the ward clerk or charge nurse.

VAP contacts


The following list is different from Contacting Quality Officer and Manager for VAPs and CLIs. Is it still accurate? If so, we need to link from that page to here, else we should get rid of this section. Ttenbergen 14:30, 2021 March 4 (CST)

Belinda Landy, Nurse Educator, Geri Henry, CRN, Teresa Rostek, CRN & Rob Ariano, Pharmacist

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Collector "base"

You can sit at the main desk behind the ward clerk to read charts or at the individual patient desks if the nurse is away. Now that collection is being done retrospectively, most collection will occur on the CSIU, CR4. There is a small spot at the left hand side of the charting area that is ideal as there is no computer at this spot, so you will not have to compete with unit nurses for space. This spot is also directly opposite the chart rack for easy access.

Location of patient chart components

  • Patient charts and clipboards are in front of the individual cubicles.
  • thinned &/or old charts are kept at the main nursing desk in the slots near the XCelera computer corner

Checklist for bedside data collection in CICU

  • There is a specific list of items to obtain from the paper chart in CICU, the rest is obtained from EPR. The bedside checklist is:
    • Time and date of admission from flow sheet (the EPR time is not always correct)
    • Apache vital signs, GCS, ARF urine and elective vs emergent surgery.
    • Infusion drugs from flowsheets
    • CCI items that may be immediately evident like IABP, ECMO, Impella/VAD, swan ganz, scopes, return to OR for bleeding, etc.
    • Acquired complications that are immediately evident and get the date. ie. bleeding, shock, cva, arrhythmias, etc.
    • Review all blood product sheets and mark which products were given in the OR (these are not counted in our CCI). The rest of the blood products are counted and once put into CCI, please put a pencil mark to indicate which have been counted.
    • Check for Pre-CPB echo results on chart and mark these results in the tmp file. If not found on the chart, then check Excelera computer program for this information for user name and password go to: p:Stephanie Cortilet.
    • Get blood type from blood product information on chart. For these last 2 entries refer to Project ABO TEE
    • Review and correct TISS sheets against the paper flow sheets and mark in the notes section time and date last checked.

Project ABO TEE

See Project ABO TEE for details

Special Situations

Other STB ICU collection guide info

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